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"I Found The Truth And Light"

By: Erica Pauline Grano

My name is Erica Grano and I was never part of any church. My Grandma was Methodist, I didn't have a Dad, my Mom was anti religion, and I was agnostic.

I thought, "How do we possibly know that there is a God out there?" I didn't pray or read the Bible my friend gave me. I would swear and wear bikinis because when I went to a Christian church with my best friend I didn't understand anything and it just drove me away from religion period.

I made two friends, Crystal and Skye, my freshman year. We would sit together at lunch and I knew they were Mormon, but I didn't know much about what it was all about.

When I asked questions they would answer. They finally invited me to EFY (Especially For Youth is a week long religious camp) and I only went because there was a dance afterwards. But listening to those speakers I felt something. I felt something warm and it just felt right sitting there. It was the spirit.

I thought it was great even though I didn't know what it was. They finally invited me to seminary the following Monday; therefore, I woke up at five in the morning and went to the stake center at six.

I went everyday because I loved it so much, I also started memorizing the scripture masteries and praying. I was given a Book of Mormon and in no time I had a set of scriptures with my name printed on the blue cover in silver.

I struggled to convince my Mom and Grandparents to take me. I cried one night because I thought I wasn't going back there. I was so devastated because I loved seminary so much! I was taken to church and started missionary talks at Skye’s house and I had Ben and Derrick come as well because of my friendship with the both of them.

My Grandparents were trying to talk me out of doing all this, but I wouldn't listen because I knew what was right. My best friend at the time began to post hate blogs about the church and we just stopped talking because she was talking bad about the church and Joseph Smith and it upset me deeply.

The only support system I had was Crystal, Skye, Ben and Derrick, but they weren't my family. I didn't even go to church in my own ward when I started because I didn't know any young women in that ward, just half the young men.

When I was planning for my baptism with the missionaries, Crystal and Skye, I would have other friends say, "you shouldn't do this, are you sure you want to do this? Why are you doing this?"

I would answer, "Because I know that it is right," and they would say, "How do you know?" All I could do is bare my testimony which wasn't enough for the non-believers.

My favorite hymn was #209, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. Crystal and her sister Ashley sang it at my baptism March 26, 2006. I remember being all dressed in white and feeling so happy. I was dancing around when everything was being set up and seeing floods of people come into the room.

That day I was sent on a scavenger hunt and my friends had bought me a pretty little CTR ring remembering that I had an obsession with rings and knowing my finger size. I was ecstatic.

I had a rough time in my ward because I wasn't socializing well at first. I didn't really talk to anyone and no one really talked to me. Because of that now that I am a laurel and the first counselor for right now I make sure that all the new comers are welcome.

I have received the 100% attendance and master scriptorian freshman and sophomore year. I also bare my testimony almost every testimony meeting and I go to two church services and every church event. I found the truth and light. I know that this church is true and that Joseph Smith lived.





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