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Former Atheist or Agnostic


Sometimes Suffering Will Bring People To God - by Lindsay Hoppe
I spent a lot of years looking for a religion. I was raised without one, my mother is an Atheist, and I always felt incomplete when it came to religion. I believed in God, but that.....read entire story >>


I Found The Truth And Light - By Erica Pauline Grano
thought, "How do we possibly know that there is a God out there?" I didn't pray or read the Bible my friend gave me. When I went to a Christian church with my best friend I didn't understand anything and it just drove me away from religion period....read entire story >>


God Brought His Church To My Doorstep - By Arthur Rangel
I'm a child of a single parent. It has been only my mom and me for most of my life. I grew up leaning toward Christianity, although hardly anyone in my family went to Church. Eventually I began to have doubts about God. I became an agnostic. However in December of 04, I was compelled to be humble by the shadow of death....read entire story >>


I Was A Professed Atheist - By James Winchurch
I grew up without ever meeting an LDS missionary, but I did get a small Book of Mormon in high school. I took it to college and gave it to a friend who told me he was "getting into" it. I never read it, just as I never read the Bible, although I tried once, but an atheist friend mocked me, so I quit....read entire story >>



The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways - By Carl Storm
I was living in South Shields in the North East of England then, a very lost character! No real faith, no real any thing! A looser! And guess what my hobby was, brewing beer!.....read entire story >>





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