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"They've Come To Bring You Truth And Light"

As Told To Terry Tippets

Jeanette McLeod was a spry, slender woman in her late 60ís when she first became acquainted with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She lived alone, but found friendship at her Church of Scotland services on Sunday and during the once-a-week Bingo gatherings at the same church.

She was also taking karate lessons, and had developed a small fan club there because of her age and what she was attempting to do. During one Sunday sermon at her church, her minister encouraged the congregation to pray for truth and light. The statement made a strong impression on her, and she determined that she would follow her ministerís advice.

So, every night from then on when she knelt down to pray, she included an appeal for the Lord to send her truth and light. One evening several weeks later, two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were walking back to their apartment.

They were returning from MIA (Mutual Improvement Association), a weekly church function for teen-aged members. For several months, they had traveled the same route to and from the meeting.

A few blocks from their apartment, they suddenly stopped and looked at each other. "Elder", said one of missionaries, pointing to the house they had stopped in front of, "we have to knock on the door of that house. There is a person there who is seeking for truth and light." The other missionary nodded in agreement, so they headed up the sidewalk and towards the front door.

At the sound of knocking on her door, Jeanette McLeod laid her Bible aside and arose from her chair, wondering who could be visiting her at this hour of the evening. She opened the door and found two nicely dressed young men standing there. "Yes? she questioned them, What can I do for you?"

"Weíve come to bring you truth and light", said one of the young men. Thinking that she hadnít heard correctly, she asked, "What did you say?" " Weíve come to bring you truth and light", said the same young man. At that moment, a sheet of light dropped down from the doorway, obscuring the two young men from her view.

As her right hand gripped the doorknob in anxiety, a calm, pleasant voice in her ear said, Theyíve come to bring the truth and light youíve been praying for. She looked behind her, but no one was there. She turned back to the door.

After a few more seconds, the sheet of light vanished, and she could see the two young men once again. "And where have you been?" she asked the missionaries tartly. "Nowhere, they replied. We've been standing right here."

They hadnít seen the sheet of light across the door. Well, she told them, you'd better come in. Iíve got a story to tell you that youíre not going to believe. But they did believe it. She told them about her ministerís advice to the congregation to pray for truth and light and how that had led to the two of them being in her living room right then.

When she finished telling them the story, they both had tears in their eyes. One of the missionaries turned his head to the other. Isn't that marvelous, he said.


Note From Author, TerryTippets

On my mission in Scotland years ago (1969-1971), a woman who was in her late 60's when she was baptized LDS told me her conversion story one evening when my companion and I were visiting. I have never heard a story quite like it before or since. She was Church of Scotland, and one Sunday her minister had encourage the congregation to "pray for truth and light". She took him at his word, and that's when the adventure began.





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