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"You Will Remember and Understand Everything"

By Kathleen Newberry

When I was 2, a lady slammed her front door on my face and one eye went up into the corner of my eye.

So I had to be operated on and I died on the table.  Well my mum knew something was wrong and ran from one end of London to the other, and as she was running she prayed that if Heavenly Father let me live then she would teach me about Him.

As the years past she raised me into the Church of England faith, but when I started school I found the kids didn't like me for one reason or another.  I was very slow in learning and, in fact, the teachers told my parents that I was un-teachable. On the way to and from school I was beaten and teased.

One afternoon after school a bus load of kids all got off the bus and beat me the police found me. Then one day a gang of girls found me on my way to church, I had always been active in the Church of England, always went to church, and for this to happen to me was very scary.

I Think I was 11 at the time and so I prayed to the Lord and I still remember the words I said "Father this can not be the right Church because if it was, I wouldn't get beat up on my way, please find me the right Church."

For about 3 weeks on my way to Church this was my prayer. Three Weeks later my mum told me that we were going to a new Church.

What I didn't realize until years later was that the missionaries had been to see my mum and dad, they were not meant to be in our area but was prompted to knock on our door. I Do remember the burnt dinner as my mum was reading the Book of Mormon over and over again.

Anyway we were on our way to this new Church and I didn't get beat up, this for me was it, I knew the Lord had answered my prayers.

Because of a learning disability I have, I only understand a word or two a person says to me anything else is gibberish , I hear the words but my brain can not translate to me.

It was hard for me to understand what was being taught, in both Church and school. But I basked in the spirit of what I felt and I knew the Lord had send me to this Church. The spirit taught me what I needed to know.

In this humble building, this building had been a school house, a horse stall, and used for other buildings before the women's lib took it over.

The floors were rotten, the roof was rotten and had big holes in it, and if you know anything about England it rains. So we had to get buckets to get all the water.

My dad had to make dividers for the primary classes. Most of our branch was Americans, so they would move in and out all the time, my mum was given the duty of cleaning the building each Saturday evening and most of time I went with her and helped.

I would clean the back of the building where the primary and nursery met, I would see big rats and pray that they would be gone by Sunday.

The church bathroom was outside and the fisherman, whose market was connected to our building ,would keep his feed in the bathroom, well when you went to the bathroom you would see mice in there. But it was ours and the spirit was so strong there.

Each Tuesday I would eagerly go to primary, each Sunday I would eagerly go to Church and rely upon the sprit to teach me what I needed to know.

Then came seminary and gosh what a time I had. I got my patriarchal blessing and in that blessing was the word "you will remember and understand everything you will be taught from now on" and I did! My mind was open, I could understand everything people told me, I learned not only in Church but in school, nothing stopped me.

I Was still tested and made fun of, but I learned that as long as I had my Book of Mormon or my Bible in my hand nobody could come near me. The Lord would put an invisible blockage between me and the kids. I Even graduated from high school.

But in Church it was wonderful!  I was able to understand and explain the stories and grasp meanings. The Lord opened new doors to my mind. I came to have a great love for the Book of Mormon and I have great faith in its teachings.

I Was baptized 2 weeks after my parents, and my dad baptized me, but after a while my dad stopped going and told my mum and I that we couldn't go to Church either. Well my mum said fine because the Lord had given her a blessing that if she did as my dad asked her to do then he would come back.

I couldn't do that, I felt I had something that I needed I had to have the teachings in my life, it had to be apart of me, I was afraid that if I didn't go then I would loss it forever and that I couldn't allow. The Lord had sent me to this Church for a reason, in answer to my prayer.

Then when I got married and came to the States I lost my patriarchal blessing, the Church didn't have it, the patriarch who gave me my blessing didn't have it, its like it went of the face of the earth.

So I got a new one and this time it didn't say that I would remember and understand, so that blessing was gone, but I still remember. And to this day I struggle with everyday life, but I have the faith that I will remember and learn what is being taught in Church.

I think at the time the Lord knew I needed that blessing, but now I need to rely on Him. And I'm finding that the more I learn about the gospel, the more wonderful and simply life is. We all struggle, but if I have the Church in my life nothing else matters.




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