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They Brought "Something" With Them

By Deborah Barlett

We were introduced to the church through our son, (aged 7). We had been friends for years of a Mormon family and our sons played together all the time.

When they were 7, they started sleeping at each others houses. We all knew his friend went to church on Sundays, so after a Saturday night sleepover, he would get ready and go to church.

It was not long before our son asked if he could do the same. We let him for a few weeks and the decided that we should go along and see what he was up to.

We knew that the moment we stepped through the door that things would not be the same with our friends, so we did not make the decision lightly.

However, we enjoyed the first visit, and continued to go. It was not long before the missionaries called and gave us our lessons. When they were in our home, it seemed as they brought something with them, and when they left it's glow slowly but surely disappeared until the next time they visited. It was a pleasure to have them in our home.

But learning with them and reading the Book of Mormon opened up a comprehension I did not have before. I knew that what I was learning was the truth, it was as though I already knew it, but the knowledge has been closed to me and the missionaries and church members were helping me to open the door, and little by little the light began to filter in.

We were baptized in May this year, and my husband was proud to baptize our son, when he turned 8. Our lives have changed in many ways, and stayed the same in many.

I do know that this is the truth. The glow that the missionaries once brought to our home, is here now all the time. The things that have changed, are difficult to measure, you can not see them, you can not touch them, but these are things that I now know I now would never want to be without.





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