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He Knows Our Hearts Desire

By Luisa Scott

I've been searching for truth since I was young. I loved to listen to the words of God.

I made friends with Jehovah's Witnesses and I decided to be baptized with them. But when I was studying their beliefs with them, about where do you go when you die? They said you are dead and just buried under the ground.

The breath of life is your soul. They don't believe that you have a spirit or soul that will go back to Heavenly Father if you've been good. They said the second coming of Christ will be the Judgment Day.

Where everyone either good or evil will come back to life and be judged by God.

One day, my ex-husband came with the missionaries. We started scripture study with them about the Book of Mormon. The missionaries told me to pray to God and ask Him if the Book of Mormon was true.

I tried to find fault about the book. The more I read it the more I believe it was from God. So I decided to get baptized and from then on my life has changed tremendously for the better.

I found a good job and have been active in the church. I received many callings which changed my attitude in life.

I thank God for hearing my prayers. I've seen a lot of miracles in my life ever since. Heavenly Father hears our prayers. He knows our hearts desire. He gives it to us if it is good.





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