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Former  Member Of A Protestant Church


I Now Know The Truth

By Seiko Tanner

I myself is a convert in the Church. I grew up in the family of nine in Fukuoka, Japan. Since my father graduated from Doshisha University, he studied a Bible. Because of his educational background, my father sent all the seven kids to Protestant Church near our house.

We all went to Church every Sunday. When I was 17, I started to question myself concerning Sabbath day. The protestant church we attended those days did teach of Christ but they didn't enforce to practice. Also our church minister taught about Jesus Christ as a teacher but nothing else. I asked my dad if I quitted to attend the church and he said "yes".

After I stopped going to the church, I felt empty inside. I started to look for a church I'd like to attend and everyone around me started to approach me to join their church such as Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and etc. I didn't feel like going to any of their churches, then one day, I decided to take an English lesson from a missionary from Lutheran church.

He introduced me that he met two missionaries on the street and they preached on the streets and they called themselves, "Mormons". When I heard "Mormon", I felt strange and wanted to know more about the name, "Mormon".

A few weeks later, I saw two American Mormon missionaries on the street then I approached them which was the start of me taking missionaries discussions. I was baptized and I've been a member about more than 30 years. I served my mission in Japan.

Sapporo Mission and I graduated from BYU-H later on. I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I don't know what I will do without not knowing the truth.

I know this that our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ live and lead us daily and they know us by our names. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and we have a living prophet, Pres. Gordon B. Henkley today.

I'm very happy and am glad that I'm a member of this true Church.





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