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I'm Going To Tell You Anyway

By Stan Ruggio

I joined the church about six months after I married a Mormon girl. The only thing that I knew about Mormons was when our history teacher asked if there were any Mormons in our high school class and a few kids raised their hand.

I joined the church initially to make my wife happy. My cousins who are ministers tried to convince me that Mormons were not Christians, my Grandmother called me the day I got baptized and told me that "the devil has you for sure".

What I saw was a Christian church where people practiced what they preached. I didnít care if it was the true church of Christ so I did not pray about its truthfulness.

My wife and I went to BYU for three years so I had the normal religion courses but still no testimony. I went to church every week and for a while my wife was totally inactive.

After ten years of attending the investigators class, our mission leader decided to show the movie "The Three Witnesses". Now for those of you who never saw this 1970ís BYU production, I can say that there is nothing sad in this movie.

At the end the actors gave the testimonies of the three witnesses. At that time I had the most wonderful witness from the Holy Ghost that the Book Of Mormon was the word of God. I had that warm feeling and I started to cry. (Hey, men from the inner-city donít cry for any reason!)

The way I like to tell it is God said "Stan, you maybe too chicken to ask but Iím going to tell you anyway".

Shortly there after I had a dream about a massive earthquake, while I was in church, the dream was so real that I remember every part of it today. In my dream I was not alarmed about the earthquake but I remember a group of people who were walking from the sacrament table from left to right across the chapel.

They were very calm. I awoke and then woke my wife and told her my dream. She said we should pray about it and we did. The answer that I got was that, Ruggio, you are not doing so bad (not alarmed) but you still donít understand (not calm). We again discussed the answer and determined that the only thing that we were not doing was that we had never gone to the temple.

We were sealed in 1974 and our testimonies and faith continue to grow.






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