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My Story in the "Migrant's Bible"

By Colin Sledge

I was converted in 1963 in the London area; Australia has been my home, on and off, for over forty years. I was married with two small children when the missionaries first knocked on our door. My wife asked them to come back again, "When my husband is home".

They did. It only took me a few moments to know that this was the true Church of Jesus Christ. It answered many of my questions regarding the God head, and many other things I had asked my Anglican Vicar. His answer was always, "these are mysteries, unknown to man, we must except them in Faith".

After the six discussions, we attended Church and were Baptized in the South Kensington Chapel in London and Confirmed in Mission Home, down the road from the Chapel. We met the Mission President, Elder Marion D Hanks that evening, he presented us with a subscription to the, "Millennial Star", I think it was.

We migrated to Australia in 1965. A Sunday Express reporter, with his family, were on board the "Oriana", as we left Southampton at the beginning of December 1965 to arrive at Perth, Western Australia on Christmas Eve. Tom, the reporter, interviewed us and several other families, on board.

Our stories were told in the Sunday Express for six weeks, with a full page spread. After two years Tom traced us all to get our experiences over those two years. He wrote a book that was used as the "Migrant's Bible" for quite a few years. Our story, including about our beliefs and commitments, were told in this book. I have had many, many experiences in my life that tell me the Church is true,.... but that's another story !





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