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The Hole In Me Was Filled - By Heather Olesky
There are times in your life, no matter how old you may be, that you feel you are looking for something. Maybe it is keys, that missing sock or for me, it was a search to fill an empty hole inside me. A hole that seemed to be there from the beginning...read entire story >>



It's True, So Stop Asking Me! - By Jennifer Lisenbee
My mom brought me up Protestant. We went to several different churches, Nazarene, and Baptist. She was against the Mormon Church, and I was told a lot of false beliefs about the Church that she had learned over the years...read entire story >>


I Finally Set My House In Order - Name Withheld
My first experiences with religion were given to me by my grandmother when I was 4. She was a non-denominational Christian, and the only thing I still remember was singing "Jesus Loves Me," and thinking that was all I was every going to need....read entire story >>



I Couldn't Deny - Pamela Jackson

It all started when I was staying up late one night with my friend. We saw the commercial for the Book of Mormon on TV, & decided to call. I had seen it many times before, but never thought it was really free, so I never called.....but this time........read entire story >>


It Seems To Me You Are Already Mormon - By Melinda Patterson
I had always had a feeling that there was more to church, more to what I was learning in the churches I attended, but I always thought it was just because I didn't go to church enough to learn it all....read entire story >>


The Book Of Mormon Felt Good In My Hand  - By Paul Thompson 
I first noticed how good it felt in my hand. I thought that a bit unusual. I would read a few pages each day and after a few days I was back to see Mike with more questions....read entire story >>


I Was A Professed Atheist - By James Winchurch
I grew up without ever meeting an LDS missionary, but I did get a small Book of Mormon in high school. I took it to college and gave it to a friend who told me he was "getting into" it. I never read it, just as I never read the Bible, although I tried once, but an atheist friend mocked me, so I quit....read entire story >>


We Are A Happy Family That Loves The Church - By Sean & Laurie Lewis  Two weeks after we were married, I was taking the discussions and became a member that August. March of 1999, we had our first son (Micah) in Alb., NM. When our little Micah was 18 months, we moved back to Houston, Texas.......read entire story >>


Something Stirred Inside Of Me - By Mark Davidson
I have believed in God my entire life. Actually, from my point of view, I have believed in God and in Jesus Christ longer than my mortal body has known life. But, having grown up in a household that at least was familiar with Jesus, and having been going to Church all of my life, when I was 9 year old, a commercial I saw on television peaked my interest.  .....read entire story >>


Paying It Forward - By Kerry B. Harding
It began last December, early one morning, when the phone rang. On the other line, we heard those wonderful words, “Hello, I've got a hot one for you, Elder!” Elder Sackley, the head of the Washington Temple Visitors Center, had someone who wanted to be taught the Gospel. .....read entire story >>



My Sins Were Buried In The Water - By Debbie Fox
It's so hard to describe that feeling when you go into the water so heavy and you come out so light. I literally felt all of my sins buried in the water and I came out a new person.....read entire story >>



He Guided Me To The Right Place - By Jennifer Kirkland
I knew I couldn't go on any longer I knew I needed to strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father in order to make it through my trials. So with all the confusion before and I just didn't know where I belonged I began praying that He would help me find a church home, and guide me to the right place so I could grow closer to Him....read entire story >>



Mormons Are Truly Christians - By Ray Redden
I was rebuilding my life as a recovering alcoholic, in the program of Alcoholic’s Anonymous. I had left everything and everyone I knew behind to build a better life. I was changing, from the inside out. I was seeing miracles of change and healing in my life. But something was still missing...read entire story >>







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