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Mormons Are Truly Christians

By Ray Redden

I grew up in a small Baptist school. The school was very challenging academically and would require students to memorize bible verses and study from the Bible. In the eighth grade I can remember watching the movie God Makers I didnít pay to close attention during the movie but can recall some points that gave me the overall idea that Mormons were wrong.

Starting in the ninth grade I went to a public school and began to hang out with kids who claimed to be Baptists. I went to parties with these kids and started to turn away from Baptistsí teachings. I became heavily involved with pornography, immoral actions, drinking, and cussing. My senior year I became friends with a member of the church named David. David and I became closer and closer friends.

I remember the first night that he asked me about my religion and told me about his. I knew he was a Mormon so instantly from learning that Mormons are wrong, I told him was that I knew he was wrong. Later on that week I felt bad for telling him that he was wrong when I did not follow my own religion.

The next week at my Baptist church the preacher gave a talk talking about being lukewarm for Christ. I went home and prayed that I would not be this person and that I would change into the Christian that God wanted me to be. I begin to study the Mormon religion and just find out what where the differences in the two. Hopefully proving to others that Mormons are Christians.

The answers of the questions I would ask Baptist preachers would indicate that Mormons are truly Christians also. But at the same time I was told that Mormons are going to hell. I was troubled with this because I knew that they were great people and had the plan of salvation almost identical with that of the Baptist Church.

Well I had plenty of talks with my friend and we both thought of each other to be good Christians The summer after my first year of college my friend (David) invited me to move up to North Carolina with him and sell security systems.

I took the job and moved up there with him. When I got there, there were 20 or so guys and 18 of them were members of the church. Considering I had done a lot of research on the church I knew I was going to have to stay true to my faith of southern Baptist. The other guys in North Carolina would make jokes with me about religion and would ask what mission I served when they first meet me. I just laughed and told them I was not a member.

I continued to go to church at other Baptist churches to find one that I enjoyed. David asked me to go to church with him and the other guys one Sunday and I agreed because I wanted to spend some time with the guys. I went and tried to pay attention so that when one of the speakers spoke something I didnít agree with I could tell the guys I worked with that thatís not right.

Time went by in North Carolina and as I did my studying from the Bible I begin to fill like I was missing something. I asked one of the guys if I may borrow his book of Mormon. I read over it and read the Moroni prayer to ask if this book was true. I asked God for a sign that would give me an idea that these things were true, because I am too stubborn just for a feeling.

The next day I was told to sell in an area that had an LDS church in the middle of it. I took this as an accident not a sign. So I continued to walk around and sell the security system till I knocked the door of a memberís house. We had a long talk and I would eventually ask for her to call the missionaries for me. (This was a strong sign allowing me to fill the spirit.) I went back to the apartments later that day and told my friend about what I felt.

I would eventually be baptized into the church on September 30th 2006. My friend that introduced me to the church moved out to Utah not allowing him to baptize me or come. I have hard times with my parentsí acceptance of the church but I believe if I just continue to stay true to the faith. I will receive the blessings of the church the same way David received the blessings of seeing one of his best friends join the true church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints.





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