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I Was A Professed Atheist But Knew I Was Wrong

By James Winchurch

I grew up without ever meeting an LDS missionary, but I did get a small Book of Mormon in high school. I took it to college and gave it to a friend who told me he was "getting into" it. I never read it, just as I never read the Bible, although I tried once, but an atheist friend mocked me, so I quit.

I have a vision impairment that prevents me from easily reading small print. I can only hope that my friend was blessed by that Book of Mormon. I am sure he was. I certainly have been.

I was raised a Baptist, sort of, but when my parents split up, church ended for us, and by the time I graduated from college, I was a professed atheist.

I say "professed" because whenever I made my brilliant argument for atheism, usually with young Christians who were not prepared to defend their faith (I was a jerk), I always heard that still, small voice telling me that I was wrong. I did not listen to it until I was diagnosed with cancer in 1979.

I even prayed now and then when I was an atheist (Go fugure), but that night, I sat on the hospital bed and promised God that if I made it, I would make an effort to know Him. I did, but I got sidetracked, and I still never met an LDS missionary.

When I met my future wife online, we joined a very big church that was cold and indifferent. I grew tired of it quickly. Somehow, we met some LDS misssionaries. I knew "everything" about the LDS, so I asked tough

questions, and I got straight answers. I was baptized in April,1999.

But we drifted. I am one of the original Drifters (Under the boardwalk...). I have spent most of my life either denying God or spinning my wheels. We got back

with them when we moved, but we had to move again out to Reno, NV, and we lost track.

Finally, we met them again. Two missionaries gave me a blessing, and I quit smoking. That told me the church was real, but we were about to give up again when two sisters took over.

It cannot be easy putting up with my "inquisitive" mind, but they did it. I was amazed at their knowledge of the scriptures. Sadly, my wife did not follow me, so I can only hope and pray that she will soon.

And so I have come back to the true church,and I am not leaving it again! This is the only true church. It is so good to be back. I feel like the prodigal son. I feel like I really belong here. I feel like I have finally come home. Thank you so much!




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