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The Scales of Darkness Fell From My Mind

By Andrew Hardwick

My family has been Catholic for generations. I first encountered the Church through an exhibit at a World's Fair. I remember when I read Joseph Smith's testimony how skeptical I was of the whole thing. Being curious, I went to my local library to learn more about the LDS faith.

Basically all the written information I found told me what a fraud Joseph Smith was or that he suffered from Dementia Praecox. This filled me with hate for Mormonism.

I thought that everyone who subscribed to this religion must be people of inferior intellect. After all, where were the golden plates? Angels appearing in nineteenth century America? Yeah right! I took my Book of Mormon and burned it.

This must be something Satanic I decided. In the following months I tried to be a better Catholic. I prayed the rosary daily, went to novenas, First Fridays and Saturday devotionals to Our Lady Of Fatima.

Though I considered Mormonism false, I felt this strange desire to learn more. Concerned I talked to my priest. He said Mormons were good people but had some strange beliefs. He encouraged me to keep praying. I did and invited several orders of priests to talk with me.

I was planning on studying at the seminary but couldn't decide which order to join. Still thoughts of Mormonism kept entering into my mind. I decided to visit an LDS chapel to see what kind of gullible people could believe such hokum.

Everyone at the rented building used for a chapel treated me with kindness. I was taken aback by the Christian spirit exhibited by these people. The missionaries invited me to take the lessons. At first I could not believe what they were telling me but kept praying.

As I did, the scales of darkness fell from my mind and I began to admit that Joseph might have been a prophet. Finally I received a testimony and was baptized several weeks later. This was a shock to my family and provoked much anger, tears and insults. No matter. I have never regretted my decision.





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