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"I Was Welcomed With Open Arms"

By Donna Loock

I was just baptized in Dec. 2006 (Joseph Smith's Birthday) and it's been the most important thing I've done in my life.

This story starts in 2000, my friend of 39 years came to Minnesota for a vacation, we hadn't seen each other for 20 years, her car broke down in Montana but something was telling her she needed to get to Minnesota.

We picked up where we left off, all those years melted away and I also realized that she was finally happy. She has had a tough time over the years, she raised 6 wonderful kids and she has had her struggles. Without her being a member of the church I don't know if she would be here, plain and simple.

I was not ready for any kind of religion in my life but after getting back together with her, she in her quiet way, without any prodding I started to look into the church.

When I would go to Washington she would invite me to Sacrament meetings, I would refuse, finally when we were in Hood River Oregon I went to church with her and her daughter. The feeling when I walked in the door was amazing, I was 1300 miles away from home and I was treated like I was a member.

Over the years when I would go on vacation I would always attend church with her in Elma Washington and it was no different from Hood River.

I started attending meetings back in Minnesota and once again I was welcomed with open arms.

My friends son went on a mission to Chile and I pretty much had it in my heart he would be the one baptizing me. Over Christmas I was baptized and then confirmed by her other son who at one time was also on a mission. My ward was happy to see me joining the church even if I did things a little different.

The was all a part of Heavenly Father's plan, from one special person who felt the need to get to Minnesota, both of us now understand why and who was behind me becoming a member.

I know this church is the true church and I am thankful for the leadership of the church who watches over all of us. I'm grateful for our Father in Heaven and His son who died for all our sins.




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