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"God Has A Time And Place For Everything"

By Thabile Mkhize

I remember growing up, my parents skipped from one church to the other. I always wondered what was wrong with the last one we had been to. We went from the twelve Apostolic Faith mission to Adventist to ......and ended up in Methodist. My folks were set here, they had the belief they had found the fullness of the gospel.

I grew up going there too, only I'd get to church and "pass out". This carried on for many years because I couldn't stay at home.

When I was 19 years I started my own search, I was tired of going to church and not making sense of what was being said and filling like there was something missing.

I went to the nearest church for a few Sunday's and all I found was that they seemed to praise Mary more than Jesus Christ and God so I moved. It took several years for me to find what I had been looking for even though I had not known what it was.

I got a visit from two boys dressed in "school uniform" on school holidays and these boys were talking about their true church and I told them "if there really is a true church on earth count me in because I am sick of people claiming theirs is true when I fill hollow when I'm there".

They started teaching me there and then. I was not so sure, I mean I am not perfect and God cannot want me of all people to share with His children. I doubted myself and the Lords Mercy.

I became reserved I didn't want to see the missionaries for a while, I was convinced I am doing fine drenched in sin. The missionaries moved and I didn't have time for the replacement.

A year later Elder Weaver from Salt Lake city and Elder Mathibedi visited me. I told them about my previous encounter with the missionaries and they responded" God has a time and place for everything, He was preparing us to come and teach you".

I was ready to be taught, I listened and asked questions. But that nagging feeling that I was not worthy kept creeping up on me and somehow I could not face the missionaries and tell them how I felt so I wrote them a letter declaring my undying love for the Lord and the will to know Him better and the restraints I felt for being so vile in His eyes.

The missionaries did not judge me, they asked me to read a scripture and think about what I was reading and what I need from the Lord whatever it may be. I tried.

One day I went to bed early, read my scripture as had been advised and really thought about all I had done and my will to find the true church. I knelt and prayed unto the Father in Heaven, and cried myself to sleep.

That night I had a dream, but I was not sleeping anymore. I saw the most glorious person in front of me, his face shone like glass against the sun, his clothes so white. He was standing on fire but his feet not touching the raging flame.

I was petrified and sweating all over. He raised up his head and looked at me and I heard the most soothing of voices say" Do not be afraid, isn't this what you have asked me for? Do not doubt me nor my love for you". with that he lifted up and vanished.

When I came to I could fill the lingering heat from the flame but was shivering to the bone. I relayed the story to my mother and she gave me a puzzled look. I could not sleep after that.

The next day the missionaries came very early. They brought me a present, King James bible and the book of Mormon with other books. I couldn't utter a word for a while. The next thing that came out of my mouth shocked me more than them. " When am I getting baptized?".

Two weeks later I went into the waters and I was scared and anxious at the same time. Everyone was so happy that the day had finally come. I was baptized and while in the water I felt that heat again from the flame I had felt on the day of the image. I could see nothing but pure whiteness around me.

When I came out of the water I felt light and at peace and was assured that God and Jesus Christ live and love me very much.

I know for a surety that the Church is true, I have experienced first hand the love of God for me through all the trials that I have been through since being baptized and Him pulling me out until now.

I know that if I live the commandments and listen to the prophets teaching I shall never go astray. God wants us to be happy and there is no other place we can be happy except with Him.





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