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"Church Isn't Good For You?"

By Claudette Kay

I was born and raised in California. My sister and I were sent to the nearest church by our parents. It was a Presbyterian Church. I was about 10 and I remember coming home one day crying because the topic had been about Hell and Hell Fire, etc.

It was not uplifting and to a child, a little frightening. My mother's comment was "church isn't good for you."

As I grew a little older, I went to many churches. The Catholic, Baptist, The Beverly Christian church, etc. I was obviously searching for a church that was "good for me."

When I was 24 I was introduced to a man that grew up in Utah. He was different. Maybe it was his countenance, I can't really say. I was a waitress and he ate lunch where I worked. He said he was going to Utah for a couple weeks in October. I asked him if he was a Mormon. He said he was and I asked a few more questions.

I had the missionaries come to a friends home because my parents wouldn't allow them in our home and I had more questions that needed to be answered. After only 3 discussions I knew this was what I'd looked for.

Anyone who thinks the "Mormons" aren't Christians are wrong. I would never have joined any Church that didn't believe in Christ and bring me happiness.

I was uninformed about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and people who make snap judgments need to get the correct information about the Mormons before they make remarks about another persons religion.





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